A Journey at The Spa

This post contributed by Heather Hermen.

Have you ever met someone who has such a calm manner and gentle spirit that you felt at peace from that first moment? I have and her name is Divyo. She is a talented, intelligent, trained Psychologist and gifted practitioner who shares her talents and wisdom with Spa goers at The Spa at Sedona Rouge.

From first introduction Divyo is a tall statuesque blonde from Germany with welcoming eyes and a soft introduction. She took me into the treatment room and let me get comfortable on a chair in the room and she began to explain the work that she does. She focuses on life altering healing processes to converge your emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual selves.

Divyo’s ultimate goal she told me “is to make people happy.” She believes we are all on a path or a journey and she gets to share in an individual’s journey by being a stepping-stone on their way. She may help them reach a greater understanding, a peaceful conclusion, a release of some stress or pressure, or like me- release a fear that I had in reach, but couldn’t quite grasp.

Divyo asked me what challenges or life path I would like to discuss. Here’s a little something about me, I recently started a new business, venturing out on my own and have had some success. But, I’ve also had a reoccurring dream, thought, and vision of falling. Every time I have closed my eyes for the past three months, I have pictured myself falling, walking down the street, running my morning path, walking my son on a sidewalk- always the same thought- falling. So, I decided, what the heck, I’ll open that challenge up to Divyo and see what she thinks.

Divyo invited me to share my thoughts and then told me what I knew deep down but was afraid to say out loud- I am afraid of failure. What if my business fails does that mean I fail? She challenged me to reach out to the fear, embrace it, not pushing it away, which is human nature, but to hold it, come to terms with it and realize that by putting it behind me, it can actually propel me forward. Her technique and approach was gentle and soft yet powerful and motivating. She helped me see that fear is not a bad thing, it’s healthy- it’s what I choose to do with it that will either hold me back, or push me forward. She gave me the power and tools to look into the future and see what I want for my family, my business and myself.

Divyo also helped me by way of family constellation, which I will share at a later time and is altogether amazing, insightful, healing and unlike anything I have ever experienced.

I left that treatment room with a feeling of calm and relief. I also felt as if my eyes were open wider than they ever have been before. The future is bright, more fear is to come, but I choose to embrace it, learn from it, and put it behind me to propel me even further.

For more information about services at The Spa at Sedona Rouge please visit www.sedonarouge.com. To inquire about Divyo and her talents please call The Spa directly at 928-340-5331.

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