A Hawaiian Journey in Sedona

This blog post contributed by Heather Hermen.

Ever heard of Lomi Lomi? I hadn’t either. When I read the description of the Lomi Lomi treatment at The Spa at Sedona Rouge I was intrigued. I didn’t ask a lot of questions because I wanted to just go with the flow and let Kelly, my therapist, talk me through what I was about to experience.

Just a little background she provided for me; Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian form of massage and that comes from their philosophy, Huna. The essence of Huna is that everything seeks harmony and love. So, the Lomi Lomi treatment is all about balance with love and energy and fluid movements. Kelly incorporated her breathing with the flow of the ocean and her movements went with the ocean as well.

Kelly urged me to clear my mind of all thought and just picture floating and really move with the fluidity of her movements and what I pictured in my mind as the ocean’s movements. She then told me there would be a lot of oil because she needed her movements to really glide over my body.

This treatment is not one for the average Spa goer who wants deep body work and release of tension in certain spots, but rather, the Spa goer who wants to let go and really feel the power of movement, balance and essentially- love. Kelly is a gifted therapist and really knows how to connect what she is doing with the person she is working on. The Lomi Lomi is certainly one of her talents. This treatment helped me clear my mind more than I ever have while being worked on and the fluid movements were some of the most peaceful I have ever enjoyed.

If harmony, love and balance is something you are looking for, why not try a little Lomi Lomi?

For more information about The Spa at Sedona Rouge please click here.

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