Divine is Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa

This blog post contributed by John Beeler.

Just what is “divine”? For some, it could be a warm cup of italian coffee. For others, it could be a cocktail by the pool on a warm summer day. At Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, we think of “divine” a little differently. Savoring a sumptuous prime beef short rib dinner on our rooftop observation deck at sunset, surrounded by stunning red rocks. Losing track of time in a 2-hour deep-tissue ayuvedic massage in our Spa. Or even escaping to your own premiere red rock sanctuary.

At Sedona Rouge, we believe divine is in the details of your journey. Our Andalusian-themed property is a true oasis of modern luxury in one of the most serene locations in the country. Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa is one of the only properties in Sedona designed with contemporary elements in mind. Your first steps onto the property welcome you under our port-cochere and into the fountain courtyard. Leave your bag–and your cares–at the curb. Our staff strives to ensure that every aspect of your stay is comfortable, luxurious, and effortless. Our rooms & suites pamper guests with custom-designed amenity products produced locally in Sedona. We believe locally-sourced ingredients not only help Sedona businesses but also reduce our environmental impact through sustainability.

And when it’s time to wind down, relax and indulge on our custom-made beds, which you can purchase for your own home. No detail is too small at our property. Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa- stay with us, and discover divine.


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