New Hiking Package

Hiking in Sedona is a natural fit. With over 100 trails to choose from, there is something to suit every skill set and feed your soul with the spectacular views.

Front_of_Sedona_RougeKnowing that people come from around the world to hike in Sedona, we have decided to offer a new hiking package on our website. Come to Sedona and choose the trail that best suits you and find yourself amongst towering red rocks, chilling along Oak Creek, or gasping at the panoramic view that is Sedona.

A gift basket from the Hike House will welcome you and prepare you to stay hydrated, energized, ready with your Red Rock Pass, and equipped with trail information from anNL006-Mt.Wilson & the Fin Sunset expert. Return to the Rouge and relax in the comfort and tranquility of a Deluxe Room, then plan how you will ease the tension from tired muscles with a $200 Spa credit, and at the end of it all- nourish yourself by dining at REDS with a $75 dining credit.

Full package information can be found here. We can’t wait to help you enjoy a hiking escape in Sedona!

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