Peace and Serenity

The Spa at Sedona Rouge is a unique place. When you arrive, the first thought is- the center of town, can I really escape? The answer becomes clear the moment you step in the door.

The scent is one that immediately makes you take a deep breath and release the tension, stress, worry and all outside thoughts- you have arrived at The Spa at Sedona Rouge. The front desk staff greets you and welcomes you into their peaceful environment, a quick tour of the facilities and you find yourself swathed in a robe that feels like cashmere, sitting in a chair listening to peaceful music and the gentle trickle of a fountain.

When your therapist arrives and takes you to the room you will be pampered in, you quickly realize- the center of town thought, has escaped you and you feel as if you have been transported into a world of peace and serenity.

A treatment at The Spa can vary depending upon what you need- release of that pent up tension in your neck, a luxurious facial, a body treatment found nowhere else, the choices are many and will leave you wondering- how much time do I have in my schedule, can I come back tomorrow?

The Spa at Sedona Rouge is one full of gifted therapists, hospitable employees who make you feel at home, and an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Have you visited lately?

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