Sedona Healing Retreat

Due to public requests, James and his “Master Guides” invite you to the most profound and powerful healing weekends you will ever experience.  James and his spiritual team, escort you to several of the greatest powerful energy vortexes recognized in the world.  In these energetic systems, you will be guided on various journeys to open-up, activate and align yourself with your own magnificent “current of being.”  You will draw on the energies of the “higher realms” and communicate with your higher selves, your own spiritual guides and loved ones who have passed beyond the “veil.”   This is an intimate experience and attendance will be extremely limited!

Join us on a journey to one of the most powerful energy centers on the planet. Be immersed in the beauty and power of the Sedona vortexes and be guided on an intimate journey with the world’s most profound spiritual teachers and visionaries. The power of this vortex will magnify your experience and propel you into a place of great change and realization.

With James as your guide, you will experience:

  • How to utilize higher vibrational frequencies for healing in every area of your life
  • How to use the power of the vortex to magnify your experience and propel you into a place of great change and realization.
  • Your ability to recognize and communicate with the Spirit World
  • James’ bringing forth messages from the Spirit World within the energy of  the vortexes
  • UFO’s and communicate with their life forms.
  • Recognizing  miracles in your daily life;

This is a perfect opportunity for you to bring yourself into full realization with your true self and lays a foundation for you to radiate your true magnificence.  This weekend will break open past soul patterns and shift old belief systems.  You are a perfect divine representation of the God spark.  Isn’t it time you live it?

The Event takes place at the beautiful Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa. Click here for hotel and location information.

Price: $975 per person – includes meals!  payment plans available by calling our office:  877-300-7352
Click here to register now!


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