Sedona Rouge Hosts: Write Your Book in 5 Days Retreat

Do you or someone you know have a book inside dying to get out?

If so, you or that frustrated writer in your life may be interested in attending one of author Tom Bird’s upcoming Write Your Book in 5 Days Retreats at the Sedona Rouge.

The Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa will be hosting three more of Tom’s retreats this year on June 23-28, August 25-30 and November 03-08, 2011.  Attendees of Tom’s retreats receive special discounts on our rooms, $138 a night for the course of their stay and Tom is currently offering a 30% discount off the price of his retreats (down to $995) to the first twenty who register.

In regard to Tom; he is the author of twenty books and has helped tens of thousands of aspiring authors reach their literary dreams through his unique inside/out approach to writing and publishing – The Tom Bird Method.

In fact, during his last retreat at The Sedona Rouge in March: The Write Your Book in 5 Days Retreat was a tremendous success. Collectively, the thirty –six persons who attended the retreat completed a total of forty-three books and wrote over 1,440,000 words.

Seventeen of those in attendance are on a schedule to have their books published and distributed worldwide by July 1, 2011.

For the first time, a father and son tandem attended the retreat, with the sixteen year old out for the two completing his book in three days.

The support practitioners that I brought into work with authors also enabled the literary and soul transitions of those attending the retreat to go even smoother and faster than usual.

Tom is also the creator of The World’s Top New Author.  Those registering to participate in that contest also receive an extra $50 off the price of any retreat they choose to attend.

To learn more about Tom, his method, which has brought him such acclaim, his retreats and The World’s Top New Author competition, feel free to visit his website,

Or if you would like to set up an appointment to speak to him directly about attending one of his retreats, feel free to call his office at 928-203-0265 or email him at


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