Thai Massage- What a Surprise!

This post contributed by Heather Hermen.

Here’s a little something about me- I love Spas. It doesn’t matter if it’s at a resort, hotel, in the middle of nowhere- I just love a Spa. That feeling of peace and calm when you walk in and the smells are always so fresh they make you feel like you take the deepest breath you have ever taken and enjoy the exhale.

I have been going to The Spa at Sedona Rouge for years and have enjoyed trying out all different forms of treatments, sessions and therapies. So, when I was asked to try the Thai Massage I didn’t hesitate. I knew little to nothing about it and went home to Google what it was and received a very generic Wikipedia definition. At that point I decided to stop looking and just show up for the appointment and let it flow.

When I arrived at The Spa, as always I was greeted with professionalism and that welcome scent that only The Spa at the Rouge has. I took a deep breath and placed my items in my locker and went and waited for my therapist. When Kelly came to get me we took a little walk to the room where we would be and she explained what the service would involve.

I told her my physical challenges, I don’t think I’m very flexible, no I don’t stretch enough, nothing new to her I’m sure. She then explained the treatment would be a mixture of some yoga moves, stretching, breathing and movement. I took my place on a well padded surface on the floor and she instructed me to take some deep breaths and picture myself floating on a raft in the middle of the ocean, really “breathing and feeling the motion.” Believe it or not it worked. It was a peaceful picture and a relaxing one at that.

She proceeded to move and stretch my limbs, and really making me feel like a rubber band and freed up movement in my back that I can honestly say I have never felt even with a 90 minute deep tissue massage. Kelly used movement, stretching, poses and breathing technique to really release tension and make me feel longer and released. She also informed me that I really am flexible- I just haven’t put my body through the motions and movements she used. She unlocked potential in my body that I haven’t used before.

Thai Massage is definitely not your typical massage treatment. You wear comfortable clothing and no lotion or oils are used. The therapist works with your body and helps release tension in all new ways but the results are just as, if not more, rewarding than a traditional massage treatment.

This Spa goer is a fan and Thai Massage will be a regular part of my Spa going experience! For more information about this treatment or any other please visit:

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