the_spa_at_SRThe Spa at Sedona Rouge is unique in many ways; the location, the scents and smells, the talented technicians, and the amazing treatments. But, one thing that makes them truly unique and adds to the amazing treatments- they boast their own Spa Herbalist, Robin Harrington.

Robin Harrington moved to Sedona in 2003 from Texas and blended the idea with her education in Western Herbal Medicine with her formal education in Anthropology.  Green Soul Botanicals was born and Robin has shared the creation with The Spa at Sedona Rouge, and also serves as Spa Supervisor.

Robin believes in bringing true healing intention into The Spa and this is shown in the products she has made. She takes the medicinal plants, many found in Sedona, and uses them in a way that is not only healing, but also soothing and meaningful for the guest.

The Spa at the Rouge features services that are unique to Sedona. The Desert Renewal, for example, allows you to experience the mystical landscape of the ancient volcanoes, and red rock towers that shape Sedona. Robin has used a blend of Chaparral and Arizona Cypress to create a detoxifying aspect to the treatment, but at the same time realizing the need to help the skin and offer nourishment, she chose to add Yucca. As Robin notes, “the Navajo healers still use the Yucca root to purify a person physically and spiritually.”

Where else can you walk in, comfort yourself in a robe that feels like cashmere, sit and sip an herbal tea-also created by Robin, sway up the staircase to your treatment and know that your spiritual and physical well being is considered during the course of your visit? It’s truly unique!

Robin works closely with the Spa Technicians, to listen to their feedback and consider what needs to be included in a treatment, product or service. Robin believes they possess invaluable knowledge to not only improve the product being offered, but also increase the level of service and commitment to meeting guest’s expectations in The Spa.

One thing is for sure, when you meet Robin, you feel a peace and calm in her presence. She possesses a quality that is unique- the ability to calmly focus and speak about her passion and love for botanicals. As The Spa’s on site Herbalist, she offers a product that is unique and true to her intentions- an energy that is used from start to finish at The Spa.

Robin’s custom-made Green Soul Botanical line is for sale in The Spa at Sedona Rouge. For more information about these products, services, or The Spa, please visit www.sedonarouge.com.  Visit this blog often to receive tips from Robin about medicinal properties of local vegetation and how to use them- from an expert, rather a Spa Herbalist.

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