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Touching Essence™ is a life-altering healing process designed to restore the convergence of your emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual selves through a customized range of techniques. It combines hands-on healing with breath work, deep relaxation, guided imagery, psychic attunement, dialogue and clearing of family patterns. If you struggle with anxiety, grief, depression, addictive tendencies or simply feel out of touch, this treatment can be extremely helpful.
90 minutes $215

Prema Birthing Healing System™ is the most loving way to be REBORN into your true self. This process can eliminate dis-ease from all levels of your being – mind, body and spirit. Imagine hitting control, alt, delete on any negative programming you’ve acquired over your lifetime and emerging with new positive programs in their place. You become ready to find the truth that will set you free from limitations and face the world as a whole being. Not available during pregnancy or for those under 18 years old.
60 minutes $170

Family Constellation is a consultation that reveals both the hidden and the visible tensions, conflicts, and destructive patterns that can exist within families and offers methods to relate with and overcome these issues. Pain and trauma can stay alive in a family for generations. Personal issues with relationships, family and career may actually be inherited from the lives of our ancestors. Your issues may not be your own.
90 minutes $215

Rising Star Healing System™ can assist in healing all seven body systems, thus allowing trauma or illness to be released. Any unresolved issues, old or blocked energy and physical symptoms all fall away, leaving you feeling empowered and energized. It even activates DNA, helping to unlock your true potential. Each session is completely unique and brings healing to you for 21 days.
60 minutes $170 (RSHS Intensive – 3 sessions special $435)

Advanced Nutritional Consultation is an in-depth nutritional consultation designed to help with weight, digestive, emotional, circulatory, neurological issues and much more. Learn how the body works and what to do when it doesn’t. Your experience will include a veteran nutritionist’s intuition on discovering the cause of your health concern and not just the effects.
60 minutes $195

Meditation in Sedona is a vehicle to deeply know your inner self, manifest your greatest desires and learn your true potential. There are many types and experience levels of meditation techniques.
60 minutes $170

Private Yoga is the unification of body and mind with countless mental and physical benefits promoting an overall sense of well-being and peace.
Beginner: Focus on correct alignment of key yoga postures, breath awareness and introduction to unification of Mind.
Intermediate: Deepen the mind / body unification with coordination of breath and posture.
Advanced: Sequences, postures and meditation vary depending on the student’s physical capacity, knowledge and intention of practice.
60 minutes $120; 90 minutes $180