Sedona Body Spa Treatments

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Land of Milk and Honey is the ultimate skin nourishing spa treatment with a tradition that dates back to Cleopatra. We begin with a gently exfoliating anti-oxidant orchard fruit scrub. Next, slip into the sensory delight of a rich emollient honey lotus milk bath. Finish with a massage with our special moisturizing body butter.
90 minutes $190

Shea Butter Wrap begins with a vigorous exfoliation using our sugar body polish. In a warm wrap, you are completely hydrated with our deliciously rich shea butter. You emerge radiant and silky smooth. Massage is included with the ninety minute service.
60 minutes $130; 90 minutes (with massage) $190

Sedona’s Seven Sacred Pools treatment is a ritual that awakens and brings balance to each of the seven energy centers (chakras) in the body. The therapist applies an essential oil blend in a light massage fashion with warm river stones that awaken the power within. During the massage the oil blend combined with energy work will harmonize and balance the flow between all the chakras.
60 minutes $130; 90 minutes $190

The Hammam Spa Ritual is conducted in an atmosphere of half light, quiescence and devotion. This sensual ritual is based on the skin care practices of traditional Turkish bath houses. The treatment begins with a purifying cleanser, followed by a detoxifying scrub, and then a clay body mask. This is followed by a bath of rich aromatic bath salts and finished with a scented aromatherapy massage. This is the most comprehensive spa treatment available.
120 minutes $250

Desert Renewal treatment allows you to experience the mystical landscape of ancient volcanoes, red rock towers shaped by eons of desert rain, and highly conscious healing plants that have helped shape Sedona. To begin, your body is cleansed with purifying volcanic ash. Then you are wrapped in a poultice of antioxidant, immune stimulant native wild-harvested herbs. A massage application of regenerative butter cream ends this service.
90 minutes $190