Our Massage and Bodywork treatments

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The Massage and Bodywork treatments from Sedona Hotel & Spa are customized to give you the utmost therapeutic benefit. Simply choose the type(s) of massage that you would like to experience and our expert massage therapists will create a treatment uniquely for you!

60 Minute Custom Massage $120
90 Minute Custom Massage $180
120 Minute Custom Massage $225

Classic Swedish Oil Massage is great for stress reduction, relaxation, sleep inducement and improved circulation. This combines well with areas of Deep Tissue massage, Cranial Sacral, Reiki or Reflexology.

Cranial Sacral is a subtle form of body work that focuses on the flow of cerebral spinal fluid from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Done with a light touch, this modality has been effective in treating headaches, balance problems and whiplash trauma.

Deep Tissue Massage techniques are used on specific muscle groups that are chronically tense. The pressure is always adjusted to the client’s comfort level. It is effective in improving nagging, painful areas.

Prenatal Massage is recommended at any stage of pregnancy. For the later stages, we have a special support system that allows you to lie face down and really relax. Special oils and techniques that are safe and nurturing are used to enhance this beneficial massage.

Reflexology is a specific type of work on the feet and legs. It is based on the theory that there are reflex points in the feet representing all areas of the body. By stimulating those points, the reflexive areas are relaxed or energized, balancing the body and mind.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work. This is a very quiet session performed with the hands above or lightly holding the energy centers of the body. The therapist works with your intentions and visualizations to bring healing energies into the physical body.

Sedona Stone Therapy is the use of hot smooth basalt stones to enhance your massage. Applied with oil, the stones glide across the skin, warming and loosening the underlying tissues.