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Are you a regular spa goer? One who tries the latest in treatments to experience the benefits for mind, body and soul? Ready to try something new and different?

Spa-700x400A Cupping Massage may be just the answer. This specialty bodywork treatment uses suction and negative pressure to drain excess fluids and toxins, loosening adhesion, lifting connective tissue and bringing blood flow and tone to stagnant muscles and skin. The description may not sound as appealing as the treatment is. Take it from one recent guest who shared her experience:

“I have been going to Spas for years and consider myself open and ready to try anything. The Cupping Massage was a treatment that I didn’t know what to expect but was ready to try something new. Nancy guided me the whole way. From the moment we entered the room she made the treatment all about me. I explained to her my recent back injury while running and she tailored the treatment to my every need. It was a different form of relaxation and benefit that I wouldn’t typically get from a basic or even a deep tissue massage. Nancy helped me see that even if I thought an injury was a small one and not important to mention on the questionnaire I filled out in the lobby, it was something that would help her do her job better- which was to make me feel better.

Nancy is a powerhouse and it’s true when they say big things come in small packages. She is petite, but knows exactly what to do and how to make a person feel better. She explained the entire process of the Cupping Massage and let me guide her in terms of pressure and what was working with the treatment. It really was unique and different. I was so pleased to see this service offered on The Spa menu- it was wonderful and I would certainly do it again.”

The Cupping Massage when booked as a 90 minute treatment offers you the benefit of a Pascalite clay mask for the body which is designed to work with the cupping section to offer maximum detox for the body. It’s a wet clay that doesn’t become stiff and hard, but rather is soothing and cooling when applied, and washes off easily. When you are wrapped, the therapist can offer a neck massage, facial cupping, or whatever is needed.

A Cupping Massage is a unique service and The Spa at the Sedona Rouge is pleased to offer it to guests. If you are a regular spa goer and ready for something new- give it a try. Always remember, your treatment should be as unique as you are!

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